Eileen Holland

It is with great sadness we heard of the death of Eileen Holland who died in February this year. Eileen became a member of AGTI  in September 1966. Soon after she came to Ireland when her husband Charles was appointed Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at Trinity College.  Eileen taught at St Pauls College Raheny and  later took up an appointment in Maynooth College leading the  ‘ Geography Methods’ on what was at that time, the HDip. a position which she held until her retirement. Always an enthusiastic, innovative and helpful member of AGTI which at this time was barely three years in existence!  After being on the Committee for a number of years Eileen became President of AGTI in 1979-80 and was re-elected in 1982-83. She  became one  of the Gwenda Hurst Trustees, and was made a Life Member of AGTI in 1990 for all her interest  in and services to Geography , for which we shall always be grateful .

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