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As part of the international Geography Awareness Week from November 18-22, the theme of ‘GeoWeek Ireland 2013 is ‘An Exploration of Water’. GeoWeek Ireland 2013 is an opportunity to learn about and appreciate geography while drawing attention to the need for educational policies to improve geography education.

GeoWeek Ireland 2013 will include a number of activities in schools and universities, as well as on-line activities. The GSI is also hosting its first national photographic competition on water geographies and has created a special webpage for students, teachers, community members, researchers, and the general public to upload stories, videos, and images about water geographies.

More details from the Geographical Society of Ireland

Why Water Geographies?

Geography is the study of places and the relationships that exists between people and their environments, and it is a study of how we humans make the world our home. Geography encourages us to think and act spatially, to understand the range of interconnections that exist between places and peoples, landscapes and climates, in past and present.

Water is essential to life on this planet and is increasingly understood as a fragile natural resource even in Ireland. Within physical geography, water has shaped Irish landscapes and coasts, caused erosion and deposition, and transferred enormous amounts of energy and material around the globe. For human geographers, water is central to societies and cultures for its economic, political and aesthetic qualities. Increasingly ‘water wars’ are becoming more common around the globe.

Just by turning on your tap – if you can – think about what happens, including: the water cycle which leads to rain, the physical landscape which channels the water into streams and rivers, the infrastructure built up to collect, clean and transport water, the costs involved. Even these topics can be related to climate change, the politics of water metering, the necessity to reduce water consumption and much much more.

As part of Geography Awareness Week, we would hope that you might give a bit more thought to the water around you.



GAW 13 ExploringWater

GAW13 Water Covernote


Help celebrate GeoWeek and spread the word about the importance of geo-literacy and geography education!

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