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screen-capture-3The Royal Town Planning Institute has developed a comprehensive Transition Year course in Town Planning. The course has been piloted with great success in Cork. The RTPI is offering a select number of schools the opportunity to run the course next year and help develop it further.

If you are interested in delivering this course, contact Steve Baxter

Workshops are delivered by teacher’s, with the support of the RTPI. Lesson plans, objectives, projects, activities, reading resources, case studies, and presentations to ensure a smooth delivery are supplied (some are available on-line).

Workshops encourage TY’s to examine relevant local planning and sustainable development issues. A key objective of this initiative is to give young people, confidence, encouragement, and knowledge to enable them to participate in local planning issues in their communities. In this regard, TYs are encouraged to host a public ‘exit’ exhibition on completion of the workshops.

The course links to JC CSPE and LC Geography but is great as a standalone module in TY geography.


Topic 1 The development of a Town
Topic 2 What is planning all about?
Topic 3 A walk in the Town
Topic 4 Meet a Town Planner & introduction to project work
Topic 5 The place I live in
Topic 6 Changing Functions over Time
Topic 7 Looking to the Future –part one.
Topic 8 Looking to the Future –part two.
Topic 9 The Local authority


Project Brief
Topic 10 Launch
Topic 11 Project work
Topic 12 Bringing it all together Presentation


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