The Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland was founded in 1961 to promote the interests of Geography and of Geography teaching. Branches exist throughout of Ireland. The AGTI is recognised as being one of the strongest and most vigorous of the subject associations in Irish secondary education. The Association revised it’s constitution in 2009. A new National Executive facilitates the work of Branches.


Full membership of the Association is open to any person involved in the teaching of Geography. Teachers of Geography are those registered with the Teaching Council in in possession of a currently valid Teaching Council registration (i.e. valid Teaching Council number). Full membership included the receipt of Geographical Viewpoint, the Association’s journal, The GeoPoint newsletter, preferential rates at conference and participation in all activities of the Association.

Associate membership is available to other individuals interested in the teaching of geography including but not limited to students and retired members. The National Executive determines Associate membership from time to time.

For further information write to:


c/o 34 Woodford Drive,

Clondalkin, Dublin 22



There is a programme of lectures, seminars, workshops and field outings from September to June.

An Annual Event of special significance is the Gwenda Hurst Memorial Lecture which usually takes place in the Autumn in Dublin. An Annual conference is held in the Autumn, either in Dublin or at one of the AGTI Branches.

Advice and aid is given to organisations such as Aer Lingus and Radio Telifis Eireann and the Ordnance Survey with respect to schemes and programmes which benefit the teaching of Geography. Members are informed about events of Geographical interest including lectures, fieldtrips and exhibitions. The Association sometimes joins with other organisations in sponsoring such events and endeavours to promote the interests of Geography and Geography Teaching whenever the need and opportunity arise.

Other Activities include –

Publication and distribution of Geographical Viewpoint an annual publication which enjoys an international reputation as a journal relating to Geography teaching.

The Association also produces a regular newsletter called GeoPoint which contains detail of upcoming events as well as useful information and links on current events of interest to geography teachers.

Making the views of Geography teachers known to the Department of Education, the SEC and the Inspectorate in ways such as representation on the syllabus committees for the certificate courses and submissions to the Department of an annual assessment of examination papers.

The Association is Chaired and Represented by a President elected every 2 years at the Annual Conference

Nomination Form for President of the AGTI

AGTI Constitution  agti-constitution-2009


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